Attention all Tug Masters!

The Tug Master's qualification is a worthwhile one.

A message to all Tug Masters and crews!

As you all know it has been a long time since the MCA cancelled the Tug Masters qualifications and I believe that this has been a major part of our problem on the tugs.  As you will all know, doing a tug masters job is as different as night and day as doing a job on a tanker, container ship or passenger ship. I feel that the Tug Masters certificates should be reinstated and we should be recognised for our professional skills given how different our job is to the Class 1 Master’s skills.

I would like to get the views of all the marine people; Class 1 masters and Tug Master, if you have any views can you please send them to my site (see comments section below).


  1. Alan Knight says:

    I hold both British and Canadian STCW II/2 certificates, and sailed as Mate in AHTS in the North Sea for 5 years before, emigrating to Canada as Master of AHTS and PS vessels. I agree with you that differing skills are required for Master international trade, and Master of a tug. The skills of the tug Master could and should be recognised as an Endorsement to one’s Certificate, in the same way that we have Tanker, Chemtank, and Ro-Ro endorsements.
    Alan Knight, F.N.I.,
    Halifax, N.S.

  2. Bob Nicholson says:

    I was at sea for 48 years. Cargo, Tankers, Coastal, Iron Ore. The last 26 years on Tugs, Anchor Handlers,Supply and Salvage. A totally different ballgame too big ships. I would say more specialised and I think a totally different Ballgame says it all.
    F.G. Tug Master T82
    Tyne & Wear

  3. Raymond says:

    Recognizing the Tug master grade would enable us to work internationally without having local rules question our ability to perform the actual job. I have 13 years of Tug Handling experience and would like to work around the world but am limited because I have the Deck Officer ticket and not a Chief Mates or Masters. No ticket, not even a Class One Masters ticket can buy 13 years actual Tug Handling experience and the newly appointed Tug Master no matter how much sea time has to start from the bottom as a Tug Handler and through time at the wheel, hone his skill. I really wish M.C.A. would recognize Tug Masters.

  4. nigel French_paris says:

    I was taught to handle a tug in Kuwait by a very fine tug master called George Seth. Since those days in 1958 I have had a love affair with tugs. I am now 77 and fit in all ways, mentally and physically. I would love to spend a month or two on a berthing tug in the Arabian gulf. Not for the money but for the sheer enjoyment of doing something \i love.Why is age so important? Any one want me?

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